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Nastic Movements Book

Nastic Movements Book

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Nastic Movements Book
15 USD
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Nastic Movements is group of sketches and exercises I did to improve on my dexterity. I created the symbiotes as a meditation and motivation for myself influenced by medicinal plants, anatomy, and movement. My hope was to illustrate the relationships between human activity and the many other living entities in the world with us. 
The first run of the book features 35 drawings and was printed in 100 copies in black with a glossy cover, then silkscreened in 20 copies in green and 10 copies in Blue. Please reach out if you are interested in specific prints or original drawings for sale at email listed on site. 



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Limited First Print: 100 copies

Thr0mb0 is a letter of process and nod to all the New York queer artists and publications that inspired me from a young age that presented queer life as they lived it. This narrative hopes to grow by documenting the influence of technology, cybernetics, surveillance and the hybrid experience of living as a queer artist between New York and Berlin the past 5 years. It features my photography work, 2D/3D illustration, excerpts from sketchbooks/memoirs, documentations of sonic, performance, graphic work.

The work as a whole hopes to present my queer life, via narratives of love/pain, words unsaid, the objectification and subjectification of masculinities, deconstructions of my nationality, my studies at Pratt, and internal dialogues between various versions of myself. The 240 page publication features all original work and was created all while living between Brooklyn and Berlin. Book will take 2-3 weeks to ship.  

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