Ben Ross Davis


Identity, politics and the extension of senses. I find myself connecting to mediums that relate to sound, images and movement. I am interested in making things that are informed by dimension, gradients, reflection and multiplicity to explore concepts of new pluralism. I study at Pratt Institute for my MFA. I live between Brooklyn and Berlin. I created this site for a place to sell some of my work. 


Please reach out to me if you have any questions, I will consider commissions depending on the project and do sell prints.


My designs are an extension of my practice in regards to futurism and imagining worlds and objects that don't necessarily exist yet.  I choose to create transparent and reflective items in a sense to match the sort of ideals I believe in. They began initially from explorations with plexiglass in an interdisciplinary design course at Pratt in 2015. My prototypes evolved into a line of handcrafted plexiglass shades inspired by emoji expressions, geometric shapes, and futuristic forms.  They are made in a range of colors including double sided mirrors and an opalescent tone called Prism, which features a reflective sheen that allows wearers to see behind them. 

My goal is to explore graphic shape, form and expression on the face. They are more of an artistic statement as opposed to everyday use. I have approached every year or so with a specific concept as part of my artistic expression. You can read a thorough statement about each here. They are meant to communicate ideas over commerce.