Products Designed by: Ben Ross Davis


Reach out to me with custom requests! I love working one on one with other creatives and individuals if you are looking to work on a specific frame or Project!

About Me: 

My designs are an extension of my practice in regards to futurism and imagining worlds and objects that don't necessarily exist yet.  I choose to create transparent and reflective items in a sense to match the sort of ideals I believe in. They began initially from explorations with plexiglass in an interdisciplinary design course at Pratt. My prototypes evolved into a line of handcrafted plexiglass shades inspired by emoji expressions, geometric shapes, and futuristic forms.  They are made in a range of colors including double sided mirrors and an opalescent tone called Prism, which features a reflective sheen that allows wearers to see behind them. 

My goal is to explore graphic shape, form and expression on the face. I want to look at the face as a canvas and see how I could change it, express or add value to it on an everyday basis.